: our mission :

WhitbyForum exists to encourage women in their pursuit of a deeper relationship with God so they will be better equipped for life and to pursue their calling as kingdom builders alongside their Christian brothers.

: whitbyforum is committed to :

calling women to deeper theological reflection and greater responsibility as members of the Body of Christ  
articulating the Bible's high view of women and of men
building strong partnerships between women and men in the home, the workplace, the community and in the church  
        : whitbyforum provides :

resources for spiritual nurture and growth
forums for thoughtful discussion and mutual support  
conferences, in partnership with other Christian organizations, for women in the pews and in leadership  

: our hope :

to see women embracing God's calling on their lives and serving him alongside their Christian brothers

: our name :

WhitbyForum is named after the historic Whitby Abbey, built in Yorkshire on the English cliffs overlooking the sea. In this 7th Century double monastery, men and women worked together in ministry.


We feature the teaching ministry of Carolyn Custis James. Carolyn is a national and international conference speaker for churches, colleges, seminaries and other Christian organizations. Her writings bring a fresh perspective to the study of God's Word and communicate a powerfully relevant message for women and men today.

Men and Women Serving God Together

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